Meet John Haderlein – Junior “Autism and Exorcism”

Junior, The Terrance Cottrell Story (2006) Written and Directed by John Haderlein This blog is so overdue, but had to say a special thank you to John Haderlein for authorising A2ndvoice in showing this untold story. This documentary has never been shown in the UK and is a story that needed to be told. JohnContinue reading “Meet John Haderlein – Junior “Autism and Exorcism””

Meet Jackie Pilgrim – Autism USA

Connecting with Jackie Pilgrim – an autistic mother raising an autistic child. Opened my eyes to many things….. We need to listen to autistic adults, we will learn something new and not third hand experience. Autism is a complex neurological condition and a lifelong developmental hidden disability. There are 1:100 people diagnosed in the UK,Continue reading “Meet Jackie Pilgrim – Autism USA”