Sense of not being heard!

I believe I lost my parental rights, when I asked for help in 2007. Told I am disorganised and need to check myself! That’s funny! They obviously don’t know me! I was not believed and accused of many things, I was seen as a liar, exaggerating my sons’ behaviours, accused of being mentally ill andContinue reading “Sense of not being heard!”

Autism, BAME and COVID-19

We should be able to discuss topics no matter how sensitive the situation is. Just by watching the news! COVID-19 was the talk, now Race, Racism and severe difference of opinions is destroying and challenging friendships and relationships. Don’t take the bait…. Lockdown clearly has been a real challenge for many people, especially when theyContinue reading “Autism, BAME and COVID-19”

Interview with John Haderlein

Before reading this blog, this is John Haderlein’s personal view and his opinion. We have to respect, learn and accept other individuals views. This short film highlights the struggles, misunderstanding and frustration of a mother seeking for her son to be “cured” of her son’s challenging behaviour and needing a solution to help him. SheContinue reading “Interview with John Haderlein”

Meet John Haderlein – Junior “Autism and Exorcism”

Junior, The Terrance Cottrell Story (2006) Written and Directed by John Haderlein This blog is so overdue, but had to say a special thank you to John Haderlein for authorising A2ndvoice in showing this untold story. This documentary has never been shown in the UK and is a story that needed to be told. JohnContinue reading “Meet John Haderlein – Junior “Autism and Exorcism””

Meet Jackie Pilgrim – Autism USA

Connecting with Jackie Pilgrim – an autistic mother raising an autistic child. Opened my eyes to many things….. We need to listen to autistic adults, we will learn something new and not third hand experience. Autism is a complex neurological condition and a lifelong developmental hidden disability. There are 1:100 people diagnosed in the UK,Continue reading “Meet Jackie Pilgrim – Autism USA”

Autism in the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Community – It’s My Experience

Raising awareness about autism and aspergers has been extremely difficult from the start.  When my son Nathaniel was diagnosed with Autism and Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  in April 2008, he was 5 years old. I knew something was different, but just couldn’t explain it as he did not meet all his milestones. Isolation, beingContinue reading “Autism in the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Community – It’s My Experience”