I set up A2ndvoice to bridge the gap for parents and carers who were unable to speak for themselves in 2012.  In August 2018, we are now A2ndvoice CIC.

Quote written in 2012 A2ndvoice was to represent me being the second person to speaking for my son and second hand experience living with him. And the other for speaking on behalf of other individuals and families asking for my help in making sense of why, when and how they can help their child or adult. This can be just by listening, giving a helping hand or to signpost and to share information.

“If a professional is unable to identify what the traits are for autism? Then what hope will the parent/carer have when they want urgent help and assistance? Because many families are suffering in silence and being accused of bad parenting and sent unto parenting workshops. Many of these mainstream workshops are not geared to ASC children. “There is no manual when it comes to raising a child, let alone an autistic child”. Things are getting a little better.

Isolation and loneliness can be damaging to the parent/carer. Behind close doors, many families have sleepless nights, siblings feeling resentful, partners not helping or not experiencing what the main carer is experiencing. Every parent/carer needs a little respite to recharge their batteries and then start again…..

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